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Noise reduction

The noise reduction or soundproofing insulation, meant as protection against noises coming from outside the house, is one of the most important comforts of a home, more and more requested in both public and private residential houses.

Silvelox entrance doors have been put through strict tests measuring their noise reduction level, i.e. their capacity to soften sounds and noises, in order to offer an excellent product contributing to the wellness of users.

Noise reduction on doors and windows is regulated by norms EN ISO 140-3 and EN ISO 717-1 and it is expressed in decibel (dB), the unit of measure commonly used for sounds.

Soundproofing insulation values obtained by Silvelox and certified for the different door classes are:

MAXIMA and PERFECTA: 40 dB (45 dB with double contact pavement threshold on request)
SIKURA, PERSEO, COMPAKTA and MEDEA: 40 dB (43 dB with noise reduction kit on request)
VALIDA: 32 dB (37 dB with noise reduction kit on request).

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