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Woods and Colours

Freedom to choose among many finishes

Overlap has Multi-ecowood panels in a wide choice of woods and finishes combining the properties of wood with the door esthetical decorative appearance, following the most personal tastes and enhancing the different architectural styles.

Woods are proposed with different finishes, using a special water based varnish with satin finish that allows the maintenance of the peculiar characteristics of every wood for a long lasting product. There are two types of “treatment”: impregnation with transparent varnish and covering lacquers.



The covers for Silvelox front doors can be produced in a very wide variety of woods.

For the external side of the door, and especially for doors for outside, Silvelox proposes woods and treatments which preserve the specific characteristics of wood itself and protect it against the elements for a longer life. Besides the woods and finishes used for Silvelox garage doors, the Ritz collection also uses brushed larch in natural, black, sabbia and tortora finishes, which are well appreciated in contemporary architecture.

The same woods used for Domina internal doors are also available for the covers to be applied on the internal side, in addition to the woods available for external covers, making up an extremely wide range of available woods.



Woods can be varnished in many different colours and finishing. The quality transparent varnishes and acrylic water based satin finishes that we use preserve the specific characteristics of wood and protect it against atmospheric agents for a longer life. Two alternative treatments are available: an impregnated stain with a transparent varnish finish, and an acrylic satin covering.

Both finishes are guaranteed against cracking for 4 years.

A bespoke colour service is also available if you wish to harmonise the colour with other doors and windows in your property. Send a sample and we will match it as closely as possible.

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