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Secur Plus

Keeping you and your family safe

Silvelox answers the growing demand for security with the Secur Plus anti intrusion version. It is the first wooden anti intrusion garage door that has passed all the tests required by the European Norm ENV 1627 relatively to CLASS 3 for burglar resistance. It has obtained the certifications n° 142692 and 142693 from the most important Italian Certification Institute.

If you are looking for the highest levels of protection for your garage and home, Secur Plus will be a wise choice. While offering an exceptional degree of burglar resistance, it is virtually indistinguishable on the outside from our standard range. As a result, you will not be advertising the fact that there may be expensive cars and other valuable assets within the garage or building. However, there is a thick steel plate laminated into the body of the door that is virtually impervious to even a sustained attack, and the frame has been strengthened to comply with EN 1627. Nevertheless, the door feels as light and easy to use as our standard ranges, and opens fully at the turn of the handle.

80 mm thick leaf invisibly laminated with an integrated steel sheet backed by reinforced steel rods.

Hardened steel hinges.

Mobile bolts have drill-resistant and anti-unthreading cylinders, invisibly protected by a manganese steel plate to protect against jemmying.

Crossbar and uprights are reinforced with steel brackets in areas that are susceptible to break in.

To anchor the frame to the concrete wall (or to similar structures, of mechanical resistance equal or superior to R 250 Kg/sqcm) special fixing systems are used rather than normal brackets.


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