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The advantages of the Silvelox up-and-over mechanismmeccanica

Secur mechanicsSilvelox garage doors are characterised by a particular up-and-over mechanism which has been constantly improved and has become one of the most important factors of Silvelox production which distinguishes it from other brands.

The peculiar elements that characterise this mechanism are:

LIMITED PROTRUSION, which means that there is much less forward projection when you open the doors with protruding mechanism (standard supply). It also means that a much greater percentage of the door, when up and open, is protected inside the garage, thus shielding it from the atmospheric elements. A completely non protruding mechanism  is also available (on request). With this, the door in its entirety slides effortlessly into the garage interior. Situations where no protrusion is important include locations where the garage faces directly onto a pavement, or in an arched opening where the geometry of the aperture would preclude any protrusion.

ABSENCE OF CEILING TRACKS: neither our protruding nor our non protruding mechanisms require the use of unsightly ceiling tracks. There are neither tracks nor hardware and the garage remains clean and elegant.

SELF-LIFTING: Silvelox' manually-operated doors open and close without any physical effort whatsoever on your part. This is achieved through a clever and patented counterbalance system that does the work for you. Just turn the handle and the door opens by itself.

LEAF THICKNESS: the leaf is 80 mm thick and is constructed from a number of panels. The assembly system is patented and ensures firm fastening of the panels to a metal frame, without any bolts of fixings being visible. Inside the panels there is a honeycomb structure that provides a great thermal and acoustic insulation.

STRENGTH AND SECURITY: robustness and long working life are guaranteed by steel profiles and metal components which are galvanised and coated with a thick layer of heat-applied varnish before being concealed under the external wood facings.

MOTORISATION-READY: each door, despite having been ordered in the manual version, can be upgraded later through the addition of a Silvelox motorisation. At this stage you also have the option to link the doors to your security alarm system.


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