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Every Silvelox door is a unique product since it's custom-made according to every need. Read More
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Garage Doors

Silvelox offers a unique range of garage doors able to satisfy different architectural and aesthetical settings. The uniqueness factor for the first 50 years of production has been its up-and-over mechanism with self-lifting system and no ceiling tracks, improved over the years with a continuous study of the product while maintaining a strong manufacturing flexibility to meet all the customisation needs of customers.

Now Silvelox offers a the new mechanism of Securlap, the first trackless sectional garage door with counterweight balancing system.






Entrance Doors

Entrance doors represent for Silvelox a natural evolution in the private residential market combining the know-how and leader position gained in more than 50 years of activity in the garage door market with burglar resistant certification, together with the collaboration between the most specialised technicians for entrance doors and the craftsmanship and care for details typical of Silvelox.

The result is a complete range of entrance security doors responding to the most modern and high quality standards.

Architectural systems

In the lastest years an approach devoted to design distinguished the study of Silvelox products. News paths involved the classical door of buildings, garage door and entrance door, inserting them in a more general concept of covering as a whole and qualifying treatment of the architectural shell. 

This study embodies the W concept project.

Sistemi di architettura Silvelox

Discover all models

  • image Each door is custom made according to the needs and demands of the customer, and the wide range of designs, aesthetics, finishes and colors allows you to harmoniously enter the garage door in any architectural context. Read More

    Secur up and over doors

  • image New perspectives, craftsmanship, skill and use of the most modern anti-burglary technology make the range of armored entrance doors Silvelox a cutting-edge product. There are five models to choose according to the specific needs of each client Read More


  • image SECURLAP is the only port for sectional garage ceiling without guides, without springs, with a double mechanical counterweights and motor concealed in the upper crossbar. Read More


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